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  • Apr18Mon

    Go Ogle Your Google Analytics

    April 18, 2011
    Are you using Google Analytics to assist you with your online initiatives? If not, you're allowing valuable information to go unused. Analytics can help to answer questions like:
    • Which marketing initiatives are most effective?
    • What are accurate traffic patterns/trends on my websites?
    • Where are my visitors coming from and what do they do on my site?
    • How can my website convert more visitors into customers/donors?
    • Which keywords resonate with visitors and lead to conversions?
    • Which online ad or creative is the most effective?
    • Why do so many people leave my site without doing what I want?
    • Are there website design elements that are turning visitors away?
    • What site content are people most interested in?
    All of these are questions that organizations meet about often, sometimes on a weekly basis. Having the right info can lead to more accurate answers and that can mean all the difference in the world in your online marketing. What makes Google Analytics particularly remarkable is all the valuable intelligence that is available to you is completely free! If you are not leveraging this resource already, I suggest you begin today. Studying the info available will remove some of the guess work in communicating with your audience.