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Our History Runs Deep

Not Your Typical "Brand Development" Firm

Whereas most creative firms started out in the print world and migrated over to the web, Bark started at the opposite end of the spectrum. When it comes to technology, our innovative history runs deep. We’ve produced work for many of the most high-profile organizations in the world. 

Here are some fun "technological facts" about Bark Communications and our sister company, Radiant.


  • Designed and developed a music site called that had audio streaming, message boards and an online store.


  • Teamed up with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service to build an interactive website for 53 Division.


  • voted best hip-hop site in the world by SOHH and MTV! 


  • merged with and became the largest online musics store in the world (before being acquired). We expanded e-commerce functionality, affiliate programs, online communities and content management facilitation.


  • Built our first server farm and started hosting websites.
  • Built a content management system for Stanford University
  • Designed and developed a massive real-estate platform ( for agents and people looking for homes online.


  • Created one of the world’s first online greeting card sites (for printed cards). A user would visit the website, pick a card and enter everything they wanted the card to say. It was then electronically sent to a print house where it was automatically printed and mailed. A few years later, Hallmark came on the digital scene. :)
  • Designed and developed a platform for Telus Mobility that enabled all of their employees to order business cards online. Employees were able to get an online preview of what their card would look like before it went to print.
  • Built a new website, online store and community for Eliora, a new clothing brand.


  • Started a website platform (now) called BarkBuilder (business side) and Radiant WebTools (charitable side). The platform gave the ability for organizations to build and manage their own website including content, events, audio/video, message boards, commerce and more.
  • After developing the new brand for Muskoka Woods, one of the largest camps in North America, we began a number of major technology initiatives designed to facilitate community.
  • Built the online store and fulfillment system for Delirious, a popular U.K. band.
  • Created an entire front-end technology platform for, the unofficial dairy stock market.
  • Built FreshResource, a creative online community for people looking to connect with each other, share thoughts and purchase resources. 


  • Designed and developed a content management system for Forest Home, a large camp in California.
  • Designed and developed an entire e-learning platform for speech therapy. Students would go through lessons online and teachers would mark and mentor them accordingly.
  • Build an entire (Air Miles – like) reward platform for Universal Studios.
  • Developed CurrentCamp, a completely customized registration platform for camps, fully loaded with a CRM, commerce applications, scheduling tools and profile management. The system was initially built for Muskoka Woods and then standardized for use with other camps.


  • Created a digital platform for The Salvation Army so that they could discuss critical topics before events.
  • Developed a website and registration platform for Ponderosa Pines.
  • Built an entire Human Resources (HR) system for Muskoka Woods enabling them to do all of their job applications and profiling online.
  • Developed a CurrentCamp registration platform for Sky Ranch Camps.


  • Built the entire web, database and networking platform for the Canadian Youth Network.
  • Developed a digital network for Teen Challenge Canada, enabling every TC location to have its own website, all powered by one platform.
  • Designed and developed a major web network for Premier Media Group, one of the largest online communities in the U.K.
  • Co-founded The Buzz Factory, an online technology initiative designed to test products and create buzz.


  • Built a registration system, e-commerce platform, scheduling engine and content management system for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors and NBA 3 on 3.
  • Designed and created a major technology platform and website initiative for Alpha Canada.
  • Created a new site called KidzMatter, enabling visitors to purchase and download children’s resources.
  • Officially separated the business and charitable brands of our company… Bark Communications (the corporate side) and Radiant (the charitable side)!


  • Designed and developed the website, interactive timelines and resource engine for Biola University’s 100th anniversary site.
  • Created an advertising platform for Suzuki that enabled all of its distributors to design and build ads online, which would then be placed in various publications. 


  • Created a major technology network for SEND International enabling visitors to find missionaries, donate online, participate in  communities and find more info on SEND.
  • Designed and developed the new technology initiative and website for World Relief Canada.


  • Designed and developed a website and commerce platform for Promise Keepers.
  • Launched BarkBuilder 3.0, a major release giving organizations more tools for building and managing their website.


  • Created a major website and technology platform for The Meeting House and all of its campus locations.
  • Built a website and technology platform for International Justice Mission Canada.
  • Designed and developed a website and content management solution for Opportunity International.
  • Developed the website and technology platform for Ontario Mutuals, an organization supporting all of the mutual insurance companies in Ontario.


  • Developed the brand and technology platform for The Edge Factor Show, a 3D stereoscopic series that brings some of the most exciting and extreme manufacturing stories in the industrial world to the screen.
  • Designed the new website and mobile apps for Dietitians of Canada.


  • Launched BarkBuilder and Radiant WebTools 4.0, paving the way for complete website design control and flexibility, completely responsive to mobile devices.
  • Built website and technology initiatives for a number of mutual insurance companies. Bark services more than half of all the mutual insurance companies in Ontario.


  • Created a partnership with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) to provide BarkBuilder to its member network. 
  • Developed a new website platform for Bayer ES.
  • Prototyped a number of mobile/tablet designs for Credera, a major consulting company in Dallas, TX.
  • Built a new website and technology platform for Cruise for Wishes.


  • Launched social media automation platforms and digital signage networks.
  • Built in major improvements and features to BarkBuilder, making it an enterprise-level platform.
  • Created websites and mobile initiatives for many different organizations.