Linda Parry - Bark Communications

Our People

Linda ParryDirector, Client Services

Professional Background

After graduating from McMaster University (go Marauders), Linda started her professional career in the banking world. This banking environment experience is key to her reputation as a very detail-oriented person.

But she needed to let loose, so over 15 years ago Linda made the jump to the agency world and has since worked at a number of agencies, even being in the dragons den for a few years (yes there is a story and she is willing to tell you over a meal).

Linda also teaches Principles of Marketing through Fanshawe College. 

Service Area

At Bark, Linda is our Director of Client Services, but that doesn’t come close to describing all her skills. Besides having client responsibility Linda is the go-to person when buying media or needing to get something produced. From getting teddy bears made, to giant pigs, to large catalogues, Linda has handled it all. Oh and we can’t forget to mention she is the person that ensures we all get an ice cream cake on our birthday!

Personal Interests

After work, Linda jumps in her car and takes off. When not needed around here Linda travels: back home to the Niagara area, to various friends across the province or once a year off across the pond.