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Branding Process Principles

How you communicate your brand goes well beyond your logo and media. We believe there are four key pillars to a successful brand: Honesty, Quality, Consistency and Frequency.


Be true to yourself in the way you communicate. Your marketing has to deliver a brand promise that is an accurate representation of what the customer will experience in working with you. (Your customer = Congregation, Community, Donors, Potential Donors, etc.)


Whatever you do, do it with excellence. That doesn’t have to mean it will cost a lot, but it does mean that you are committed to being the very best that you can be.


Your messages (visual, textual, etc.) need to be consistent in all mediums and over a pre-determined amount of time.


How often you share your message is critically important to the success of its adoption and impact on your brand.

Creating a Successful Brand

We're so adamant about doing this right, we've created an entire map dedicated to our branding process. Feel free to download it, or if you'd like a hard copy, give us a shout.

Bark's Brand Map

Download Bark's Brand Map