Session Information - Bark Communications

Session Information

Session 1 - Day One

Internal Brand Clarity

This session is targeted towards organization leaders and those who have been empowered by those leaders to manage the brand. It includes a breakdown of what branding is, and then walks the attendee through the development of the foundational elements of a good brand; Vision & Mission Statements, Audience Identification, and an Understanding of Your Product or Service.

GOAL- Establish credibility regarding the importance of purposeful brand development.

Session 2 - Day One

Aligning Culture and Operations

This session aims to equip organization leaders with the tools and knowledge to apply the elements of session one with their team. Through the development of processes and culture, organization leaders will enliven and equip their team for great success. It covers: Practical Vision Casting, Empowering a Brand Manager, Internal Audits, Creating Internal Raving Fans, Brand Image & Tone Standards, and Corporate Brand Accountability.

GOAL- How to apply and encourage strong brand practices.

Session 3 - Day Two

Strategy, Conversation and Metrics

We’ll spend a half-day discussing how to measure brand success, what effective measurement looks like and how to apply that knowledge to project execution. The session covers: Understanding Your Market, The 4 Pillars of Branding, Our Process, Understanding Communication Options, Choosing the Right Options, and Executing Projects.

GOAL- Practical means of building a strong brand.

Session 4 - Day Two

Listening and Refocusing

In today’s culture, organizations cannot afford to sit still. This means that ongoing measurement and adjustment needs to be a foundational part of your brand building effort. To highlight and facilitate this, we’ll cover; How to Measure Effectiveness, Creating External Raving Fans, Client Audits/Surveys, Competitor Audits, Front Line Staff Involvement and Digital Feedback.

GOAL- Highlighting the importance of constant adjustment.

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Following the completion of the course, each group will be able to schedule a two-hour session with the with a brand strategist from Bark Communications. During this time, you can ask specific questions regarding your particular situation.

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