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  • Posted by Ray Majoran

    Since when have you known us to stand still?

    As we’ve shown in the past with major BarkBuilder upgrades like 3.0 and 4.0, and not-so-major-upgrades like new calendar updates and new templates, we always seek to grow and improve the capabilities and user-friendliness of the system.

    And today, we’re announcing that we’ve been at it again!

    We’ve just made your BarkBuilder experience better and more intuitive via some fairly major upgrades!

    You asked, we listened.

    When we reinvented BarkBuilder a couple of years back, we called it 4.0 because it was that big of a jump from 3.0. And because we saw how the changes in usability made a strong connection with our customers, we kept tweaking 4.0, making changes that the majority of our customers were asking for.

    But, while we always make little improvements and let you know when you log in, this time, we wanted to make a little bit of bigger splash in our pool.

    The following changes ensure that this is the best instance of BarkBuilder yet:

    Change columns quickly and easily. Drag to resize.

    Page switch feature: work on multiple pages with having to close the editor

    Updated sidebar holds all components in a categorized list

    Revised content module: allows user to embed things such as page titles, site titles and formatted dates

    CSS Quick Links (for Advanced users)

    Watch the video to see some of these features in action: