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  • Jul25Thu


    July 25, 2013

    Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg


    Sometimes, so many great links come to my attention that it's great to just drop them all into one post and share them at once. So today's post is a collection of some of those important links from the past few weeks.

    YouTube Subscribe Button
    Sometimes companies release things that, when you learn of the release, you're left asking yourself, 'that wasn't already a thing? One of those things is a YouTube subscribe button that you can embed on your website. Thus far, we've all just had to redirect people to the YouTube Channel where it's hoped they will subscribe. Now, you can help them cut to the chase!

    Change Your Profile Pic
    This blog talks about corporate branding a lot, but each of us has a personal brand to maintain as well. Have you thought about that and if you have, have you thought about what your profile pic is saying about you? Seth Godin gives us a helpful metric by which to evaluate our profile pics.

    Social Media Vacations

    It's July and you know what that means vacation for many people. As I prepare to take a week off myself, this article resonated with me. I for one, look forward to engaging something that takes more than 10 seconds to read and consider before responding. Yep…books still exist folks ;)

    Facebook Finally Supports Hashtags
    From the 'It's about time' file, the favourite categorization tool that many social platforms adopted long ago is finally coming to Facebook. Now all those annoying hashtags you've seen but didn't understand on Facebook will have a purpose…well, that depends on how we use them.

    Serengeti Lions
    I was gripped by this National Geographic article and just love how powerful the storytelling is in it. I can't help but wonder what this kind of storytelling might do for organizations as well. Regardless, I suppose this goes hand-in-hand with my upcoming social media vacation, but reading this article was rewarding. Enjoy.