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  • Apr18Thu

    Announcing: Clarity+

    April 18, 2013

    Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

    For many years, we at Bark have consulted numerous organizations, helping them to build and strengthen their brands. Over this same period, we recognized that not every organization understands the value of their brand or has the money set aside to invest in it. So we started to challenge ourselves with the things that we challenge our clients with by asking questions like: Is what we are offering something that our clients actually need? And if it is, how could we share it in a way that will serve them better?

    The answer? Clarity+.


    Clarity+ is a one-year brand mentorship program aimed at Executives, Brand Managers and Visionaries.

    The four, full-day sessions that make up the Clarity+ experience are held on a quarterly basis, and include people from 10 different organizations. Each workshop is hosted in the Genesis Room; a new, 2,650 sq. ft. meeting space attached to the Bark offices in London, Ontario.

    In the sessions, you and one other person on your team (your brand manager) will learn, interact, and engage with brand-essential content and forward-thinking leaders from other organizations.

    Six weeks after each workshop, one of our brand coaches will meet with you to ensure the information is clear, discuss successes in your implementation, and strategize how to make the new principles we’ll teach you into a foundational part of your brand. The next quarter, we will do it all again, focusing on the next step in the process.

    Each workshop features a different aspect of brand development and provides the appropriate steps for implementing those principles into your organization.

    Over the year, you will cover the following areas:

    • Internal Brand Clarity – Vision, Mission, Positioning Statements, Understanding Who You Are, Understanding Who You Want To Be, and Your Product/Service.
    • Aligning Culture and Operations – Practical Vision Casting, Empowering Your Brand Manager, Internal Audits, Brand Accountability Documents.
    • Strategy, Conversations and Metrics – Understanding Your Market, Communications Options and Executing Projects.
    • Listening and Refocusing – Measuring Your Effectiveness, External Audits, Digital Feedback, Reviewing Projects, and Refocusing for Clarity+.

    The first Clarity+ workshop will take place on Tuesday, July 09, 2013 in The Genesis Room, a 2,300 sq. foot facility attached to Bark Communications' offices in London, Ontario.

    If you are interested in learning more, enrolling, or recommending Clarity+ to a colleague or friend, please feel free to check out and share the Clarity+ feature page at:

    The Genesis Room