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  • Jan30Wed

    New 4.0 Template: More Than Just a Number

    January 30, 2013

    Posted by Ray Majoran

    We are pleased to announce a new BarkBuilder 4.0 template entitled "More Than Just a Number"!

    More Than Just a Number

    As usual, all BarkBuilder 4.0 templates are fully customizable including the ability to change the layout, styles, colors, fonts, etc. Resource files for the new template can be found in the Themes section of your 4.0 Admin Panel.

    To change your template at any time, login to your BarkBuilder account and select "Themes".

    Note: If you would like to have Bark Communications customize a template specifically for your organization, please contact us. We can also assist you with your branding, marketing and communications strategy. View a sample in our portfolio.