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  • Oct4Thu

    A Graceful Exit

    October 4, 2012

    Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

    It's easy to forget the value of finishing well - particularly when the finish isn't under the best of circumstances.

    Zellers, Canada's second-largest chain of mass merchandise discount stores, is in it's last days and they are liquidating their stores.

    Now, there's two ways they could have gone about advertising that closure. The first option was just to put out some simple ads. But they did more than that. They created an emotional connection via a brilliant social media campaign that features the chain's mascot, Zeddy.

    Take a look:

    In one fell swoop, they are effectively advertising their liquidation sale, creating an emotional response where there might not have been one before, and getting people to engage from the video on their Facebook page.

    So, in your business, is there a product or service offering that you need to retire? If so, are you going to seize the opportunity and transition people out gracefully?

    Your graceful exit could actually end up as a warm welcome.