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  • May3Thu

    Start With The Problem

    May 3, 2012

    Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

    Today I was had an old design truth positively reinforced - don't just make a change to a design simply because you are bored with it or you 'had a feeling'.

    All too often, changes to a design come off the cuff. They aren't seriously considered and the implications of the change aren't taken into account because we get emotionally attached to the change request.

    A good design agency will ask you to back up and answer this question:


    Asking that question is often a revealing process. The project changes from, "Change that button from grey to pink", to, "That button is an important part of our campaign strategy and it's not prominent enough to garner the attention we want for it". Including fresh eyes in solution-finding can reveal options that were never considered before.

    The difference is that you start by explaining the problem, not by dictating the solution. We love to help solve those problems. So give us a call if you've got a "Why?" question on your mind today.