Bark Communications // Clarity+ Brand Mentorship Program



What is Clarity+?

Clarity+ is a one-year brand mentorship program designed for Executive Leaders, Marketing Directors and Visionaries. Watch the Video

What Are The Details?

Each quarter, we'll guide you through a one-day session and follow it up with a personal meeting with one of our Brand Coaches.

The four session topics include:

  • Session 1: Internal Brand Clarity
  • Session 2: Aligning Culture and Operations
  • Session 3: Strategy, Conversations and Metrics
  • Session 4: Listening and Refocusing

You can view the full session and schedule details here.

Where Is It Held?

Clarity+ is held in The Genesis Room, a 2,300 sq. foot facility attached to Bark Communications' offices in London, Ontario.

Join Us

Building a strong brand that positively influences people doesn't just happen. It takes knowledge, discipline, passion and clarity. Join the award-winning team at Bark Communications on a year long journey to discover the power of brand Clarity+.

Harness the power of Clarity+.
Change your life. Change your organization.